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Ep 45. As Above


A text box reads With nothing to do I started exploring apartments. Hokkaido scratches his face making scratching sounds. Another text box reads A surprising amount are left unlocked while Hokkaido stares in a mirror. His left eye is starting to rot.
Hokkaido sits on a bed with his eye bandaged. A text box reads, and untouched. Some text below describes the sound of the egstrom downpour as the late stage event starts. A text box reads, It's a nice change of pace, but Hokkaido's thoughts trail off as he falls asleep and his parasite begins to take control of his body. Text next to his finger says twitch as it changes to look more grotesque.
From inside a room upstairs full of gestating flesh, Hokkaido can be seen scaling up the side of the building from the window. Text describes the sound of loud downpour outside as Hokkaido's parasite scales upwards.
Hokkaido continues to climb as wings sprout from his back. On top of the building is a hive. Text describes more loud rain as Hokkaido flies up to the hive and reaches out to it.

More loud rain text. Hokkaido lands on the bed of a hive floor while his foot sinks into a puddle of egg slime. He is soaked with slime and faces forward, unconscious.
The hivecore at the center of the bed of flesh is humming loudly. Hokkaido stands in front of it while his wings retract. His infested arm raises to pull the bandage off of his eye, making a ripping sound.
Hokkaido's body reaches out to touch the hive core. He then begins to hear someone speaking to him. A lot of what they say cannot be made out, but their words quickly become clearer. She says, hey, hey. It's you.
She continues speaking to him through the hive core, saying you must think you're real fucking funny. Hokkaido snores. She continues. Stop ignoring me, you idiot. I'll come find you later.

She says, I had to destroy those stupid fucking machines all by myself. And now I'm breaking those rocks alone too. And nobody will talk to me through this thing. Quit ignoring me and put it in your bloodstream.
She says, I know you're near a hivecore. Work with me here, shit for brains. Absorb it so we can talk! I've seen your most recent memories.
She says, I know you still have control. You're like me.
Hokkaido's eye opens slowly to see a ceiling fan. He wakes up, back in the bed and covered still in some slime.
Text describes the sound of heavy rain as egstrom continues. Hokkaido reaches up to his left eye saying oh no! Where's my bandage? Egg slime pours in from the open window. He puts a new bandage on his eye. He thinks ow, my whole body hurts. I knew this would happen if I didn't sleep on Ankhen cotton.
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