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Ep 44. Horde


Painkiller and Fossil are on the roof of the lab. Painkiller says we, we gotta leave. Fossil says those things came when you fried carrot, while painkiller tries to speak. She continues, though they couldn't have heard him. So, how? A flashback panel shows Carrot being electrocuted and screaming while a sharp ringing sound emanates from the hive core.
Painkiller notices a radio tower on the horizon. They say, fossil! Let's go to that radio tower! Fossil says, radio, that's it! they communicate with the off signals! It cried for help! While an assimilated object sneaks up behind her, painkiller screams.
Back in the lab, Painkiller and Fossil are sneaking towards the entrance. Fossil says this plan is stupid. Painkiller says you being a huge bitch isn't helping. They are wielding stun batons that are making humming sounds. Painkiller says we gotta run for it and accidentally hits a wine bottle on the floor with the end of their stun baton. Fossil notices the bottle and says wait, let me go upstairs for something.
Upstairs, fossil opens a window and throws the wine bottle outside where it shatters on the floor in front of the pool and bar, alerting the assimilated objects. Text describes the sound of the window opening and the glass shattering. She returns to Painkiller, grabbing their hand. Text says pull. Painkiller asks, are they distracted? Fossil says no, we run now. Painkiller shouts, what do you mean no? Fossil admits, they looked right at me. A panel shows the assimilated object staring up at Fossil back at the pool.
While they run to the front door, painkiller shouts shit, you made it worse! Fossil shouts, shut up! She slams the doors open and they exit the lab together. Text says bang. An assimilated strawberry flies towards fossil and painkiller, making a loud buzzing sound. Painkiller reaches into their satchel and pulls out a bottle of Hennessey. They shout, goodbye my love! They throw the bottle at the parasite while fossil shouts what?
The bottle hits the parasite in the face and shatters, covering it in alcohol and disorienting it. Text says crash and describes the sound of the parasite moaning in pain. It hits the ground with a thud while fossil curses, running past it. Text boxes describing painkiller's thoughts say, I'm glad that I drank half of that as they rear back with their stun baton over the grounded parasite and then jab and electrocute it. Text describes the sounds of zapping, the parasite shrieking, and painkiller's laughter.
Painkiller's thoughts continue, with them thinking, right before we left. Later, the two make their way to the radio tower. Fossil says, finally. Painkiller says oh, good. While climbing the ladder up to the tower, fossil asks painkiller, were you shouting something about, your love? Painkiller says oh, no no! Not you!
Fossil says painkiller's name angrily. Painkiller says, I was talking about booze. I promise! Was not flirting. They think to themselves, embarrassing. She thinks I'm an asshole. Later in the radio tower, Painkiller notices a glowing green button indicating that they are able to broadcast. They say hey, this thing's still on. Some speech bubbles from the episode Venatics repeat part of painkiller's broadcast, saying hello? is anyone out there? Painkiller finishes by saying anyone, I wanna talk. My name is painkiller. They interrupt themselves when they accidentally brush over a button with their hand, cutting off the transmission. Text described a long beeping sound and a click. Painkiller says oops. I turned it off. Fossil says nobody's out there anyways, dummkopf.
Painkiller says there's no way that's true. Fossil says maybe you should go check. Painkiller says grow up. Painkiller thinks to themselves, how do I turn this crap back on? Painkiller says, I missed a great chance to save someone's life, while Citrus is interrupted during the Venatics episode and Brandy's hand twitches. Text says twitch. A textbox says later. Egstrom has begun. Painkiller and Fossil observe the late stage event starting from the window of the radio tower. Painkiller asks what's that? like, a tornado?

Fossil says that is a torrent. Painkiller asks, are they supposed to get bigger that fast? Fossil tries to say, I would assume yes, but starts to trail off when she notices the downpour has grown immensely in size. Painkiller asks, are you sure?
Painkiller says storms freak me out. Fossil, it's getting closer! Fossil says to themselves, fascinating. Even so, it is just rain. She gets cut off by the torrential downpour hitting the tower, shaking it and knocking over painkiller. A large crack appears in the glass. Text describes the sound of creaking, loud heavy rain, and cracking glass. Painkiller begins to scream as they notice the rain is actually viscous egg slime full of parasite larvae.

Text describes the sound of Painkiller choking on their vomit while they run to the supply closet. They throw up on the floor before closing themselves inside as they choke and whine. Fossil stays standing near the glass in awe. Inside the supply closet, Painkiller has a panic attack. They cry for their mom and snort saying I'm gonna die. Fossil says I, I have my work cut out for me while staring at the glass.
Painkiller holds their head in their hands and hyperventilates while their heart starts pounding. Fossil sits with their back against the glass and says to herself, this, it's almost too much for me. She goes tisk tisk tisk. Painkiller says to themselves in the closet, it's my, my heart! Their heartbeat continues.

Fossil says pushpin. Painkiller shouts mom, slamming their hand into the wall of the closet. Text says slam. Both Painkiller and Fossil shout, I'll do it all without you! Painkiller's heartbeats continue.
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