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Ep 43. Egstrom


Comet stares at distant Center Ring on the horizon with three spines hanging over it. She thinks to herself, what happened? Comet remembers a time where she was cleaning a dead rabbit, and realizes that it is a spine while she thinks, that's.
Comet runs down a hill while wind blows. They think, that thing has been hanging over center ring for, more than a month? I don't count the days. Trains haven't been coming in from anywhere either.
Comet runs up to the wall on the edge of outer ring thinking, I just want to look a little closer. she pulls a rope from her cloak and throws it over the wall. Text says toss.
Comet grips the top of the wall and pulls herself over climbing to the top of a pine tree. She stares forward
Comet is now close enough to see parasite hives covered in lumps that are producing a fog that is being sucked up by three spines. the hives are everywhere in the city. Lightning strikes in the distance and text reads the sound of thunder.
three spines makes a loud groaning noise while every character in center ring and high society is shown in their own panel where they react to the noise. Dragon scale flicks a used blunt away, gum turns a head lamp on while sitting on razor's back, Comet stares dumbfounded, Minty Brandy and Sugarcube sit on a sleeping bag together, fossil and painkiller stare at a parasite horde from the top of the lab building, and spool and citrus carry an unconscious object into a building together.
three spines sucks up the egg mists while comet stares. Three spines begins to reject the egg mists as they pour downwards. Text describes the sounds of rain starting
Comet watches as the rings get gradually covered in the torrential downpour as it increases in size. The sound of the downpour gets deafeningly loud as center ring turns green.
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