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Ep 42. Spore


Dynamite carries Spore with a large stick while she babbles. Dynamite thinks, Is this really Mushroom? Text next to Spore says turn.
Spore babbles more before being dunked in the river. She is pulled back out and coughs, staring back at him. Back at the cottage, Dynamite asks Do you, um, remember me?
Spore begins to cry. Dynamite swaddles Spore and carries her through the hallway, bouncing her in his arms. He thinks to himself, I don't know what to do. Dynamite says, Mushroom, you died because I wasn't strong enough. He turns to a framed photo of Cattail on the wall and shouts Where are you?
Dynamite stands in front of a door and thinks, This is, her parents' bedroom. Dynamite enters and looks through their closet. He says Uhhh, Oh! They kept it! Spore babbles.
Dynamite puts Spore in her old crib after taking it from the closet. He says There. Your disgusting crib. I put water on it for you!  Spore snores while Dynamite cries himself to sleep in her normal bed.
Hyphal knot groans. Hyphal knot pushes on Dynamite's face, waking him up. She says Mooove! Move! Dynamite, you. Hyphal knot suddenly passes out next to him in her bed, snoring.
Dynamite thinks to himself, Mushroom looked like this when I first met her. Flashback to Dynamite and Mushroom meeting for the first time in a classroom, where they look at each other.
Mushroom smiles at Dynamite in the flashback and the flashback ends. Dynamite asks Hyphal knot, Are you, my best friend? Hyphal knot stares at him before her eyes glaze over. Text says glaze.
Hyphal Knot walks past Dynamite and out the front door. Dynamite shouts, Hey! Where are you going? Following her outside, Dynamite shouts, What's wrong?  Hyphal Knot looks up from an old corpse she is eating to say, I'm starving.
Hyphal Knot continues to eat rotting corpse. Dynamite narrates in boxes, All day, Mushroom cleaned off our old kills until she fainted. Onomatopoeia reads pull. Dynamite puts Hyphal Knot back into her bed when she faints.
Mushroom, back to normal, rises making a gagging sound. Dynamite wakes up and looks at her while she vomits black liquid onto the floor.
Mushroom continues to gag. Dynamite shouts, Mushroom! Dynamite screams while Mushroom falls forward into her own vomit. Text next to Mushroom says splat. Dynamite carries Mushroom into the hallway. text says stumble.
Dynamite runs outside with her and carries her to a body of water in her back yard. Dynamite says, Okay, Okay, and Wake up, while splashing water onto her face. Text repeatedly says splash.
Mushroom wakes up and says Stop, and I'm fine. Text repeats the word splash. Dynamite stares at Mushroom and kisses her. Dynamite thinks, You taste
Dynamite finishes his thought pulling away with a disgusted look, thinking, like carrion.
Dynamite and Mushroom sit awkwardly together. Dynamite says to Mushroom, It was platonic. Mushroom stares off to the side looking dejected.
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