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Ep 41. Humidity


Dragonscale lands in front of traffic cone and peanut butter to whisper something while the two look shocked. Peanut butter and cone stand outside of the grocery store entrance.
Peanut butter and cone help dragonscale clean and find a working generator behind her gaming setup.
Cone hooks the generator up to the store's power supply and the lights turn on. Text repeats the word click. On a bench, peanut butter says, you could have told us sooner, scale. Cone says things will be fine. Peanut butter says everyone here's got problems. but at least we have each other.
Dragonscale looks at peanut butter tearfully and asks, but, aren't I selfish? Peanut butter says you're supposed to be a bandit. We agreed to join you, we had it coming. Cone says to dragonscale, you can be a stealing, lying jackass and still do the right thing!
Peanut butter squeezes cone and says, what he's saying is that you can at least keep it real with us. The stealing and lying thing only works when it's not us doing it to each other. Dragonscale says, you're right. Cone chimes in to say, we should also not kidnap young women. Peanut butter agrees, yeah, not up for debate. Dragonscale says, but, and gets interrupted by peanut butter saying no.
Dragonscale says, you're right, it was so awkward. she must think I'm a total degenerate. Text box says meanwhile, gum thinks to herself, her eyeliner was really good. Dragonscale says, I'm sorry, I'm so bad at this. Peanut butter says, we aren't shining examples of heartless criminals either. I'm a gym teacher and cone is a janitor. And those  boogers are my students. None of us are cut out for this. Dragonscale says, right.
Peanut butter says, let's be done with it. We've got a whole grocery store to ourselves. Dragonscale asks, no more bandits? Peanut butter says, we gotta focus on moving everyone in here. Cone says, and your drug problem! Dragonscale says, oh, but, I don't know if. Cone says, you can do it! you just have to want it. And you always get what you want ay?
Dragonscale thinks, do I? I, I just don't know if that's true anymore while ghost pepper hovers behind her. Peanut butter says, that machine was broken. It had to be. Dragonscale has a flashback to seeing a pile of mutilated bodies in a dark place.
Peanut butter says, it broke right before we got there. Text box says later. Peanut butter says, after that, she looked through the middle school records. Same kid. Cone says, I wanted to kill that kid. Every week I had to clean that. Dagger laughs.
Cone says, you shut up boy. Peanut butter says, I wasn't even allowed to help! Text around her says hehe, hah, and snort. Dagger says, he wanted it all to himself! Peanut butter laughs loudly. Cone says, I was the only one qualified to clean biohazards. Dagger says, you love it so much you made a career out of it.
Cone says, no, I'm what happens when class clowns don't get their shit together. Text next to Dragonscale's hand repeats the word tick. Peanut butter says, hehe, hey, don't swear. Stylus is snoring. Peanut butter says, be more respectful dagger. we need more people like cone. we couldn't pay kids like you to clean. Dragonscale's tapping continues. Dagger shouts, that's not true! I'm clean!
Dragonscale opens the dumpster outside to fish out the drugs they threw away earlier. She thinks, I'll stop tomorrow. Lightning strikes somewhere and loud thunder can be heard.
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