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Name: Spool


Desc: Normal object from Center Ring. Spool is often outspoken and charismatic, even during an apocalypse.

Gender: Demiboy (he/they)


Name: Citrus (Blood Orange)

Assigned Animal: Fruit Bat

Desc: Monster object from Center Ring who presents as a normal object and occasionally hunts at night for a victim to take home and eat the soul of.

Gender: Male (he/him)


Name: Razor

Assigned Animal: Wolf

Desc: Monster object from Outer Ring who needs to respawn her friend Fuzzball, whose remains are lodged in her head and shell. 

Gender: Female (she/her)


Name: Gum


Desc: A lion-hearted normal object from nowhere in particular who carries a lot of regrets. 

Gender: Female (she/her)


Name: Dynamite

Assigned Animal: Jaguar

Desc: A high school graduate from Middle Ring. Dynamite is rough, rowdy, and undeniably sweet– most of the time.​

Gender: Male (he/him)


Name: Mushroom

Assigned Animal: Praying Mantis

Desc: A high school graduate from Middle Ring. Mushroom has a calm disposition, and watches over Dynamite like a hawk.

Gender: Female (she/her)

Name: Fossil

Assigned Animal: Alligator

Desc: A researcher from Reaching Gardens who's spent her life trying to fix spawning terminal errors after being printed as a defect.

Gender: Demigirl (she/they)


Name: Painkiller


Desc: A registered nurse from Center Ring. PK assists Fossil with researching parasite morphology.

Gender: Neutrois (they/them)


Name: Brandy


Desc: A cold and distant single father from Center Ring. Brandy will do anything for his daughter.

Gender: Male (he/him)


Name: Minty

Assigned Animal: Cat

Desc: A snide and spineless single father from Center Ring. Minty loves his daughter, but he's a bad influence.

Gender: Male (he/they)


Name: Sugar Cube

Desc: A curious and optimistic young child from Center Ring. Daughter of Brandy, Minty, and Maple Syrup.

Gender: Female (she/her)


Name: A5 Wagyu


Desc: A normal object from High Society. While he means well, Wagyu’s attitude often reflects his posh lifestyle. He tends to be selfish, careless, and entitled... and wonders why nobody likes him.

Gender: Male (he/him)


Name: Comet


Desc: A mellow normal object that spends a majority of their time wandering the liminal valley in Outskirts.

Gender: Demigirl (she/they)


Name: Dragon Scale

Assigned Animal: Mythic - Demon

Desc: Dragon Scale is boisterous and snappy. She has a softer, more professional side that fell apart when she lost her wife and job in Center Ring-- Now she's a bandit leader.

Gender: Female (she/they)

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