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Ep 46. Stranded


Minty says, I'm really thankful that the place next door had so much stuff in it. Are you feeling okay? Brandy makes a muffled noise in response while eating a granola bar. Minty says to Sugarcube, We'll be out of here soon honey. Brandy says, Sugarcube, you're a really tough kid. I'm sorry that so much has been happening.
Brandy says, but you shouldn't have to be. This isn't what I wanted for you. When we had you, we all wanted to give. Give you the things that we never had growing up. Like security, unconditional love and support, fair opportunities.
Brandy says, I promise you'll get all of those things when we leave. Sugarcube says, I wanna go now, dad. Minty says, daddy needs a few more days to recover. Text describes the sound of rumbling and Threespines roaring. Brandy asks, is that thing still? Minty says no, I watched it burn!
Minty says seriously, there's no way it's still, there. Text describes the sound of distant rain. The text gets bigger and louder.
Minty shouts, okay, get up! Text says leap. Brandy asks, what is it? Minty says, green, fucking, flood!
Text describes the sound of creaking as a wooden shelf is pushed over and the sound of Minty pushing it further. Sugarcube asks, there's a flood? Brandy says, just get up there, sweetie.
Text describes the sounds of rain and pushing and scraping as they move shelves together to form a small shelter. Brandy asks, is covering every side necessary? He grunts. Minty says yeah, it looked diseased. Minty whispers to Brandy, I think it's from that thing in the sky. Sugarcube says, I'm scared.
Brandy says, we can make this fun. How about Ankhen mythos? Sugarcube asks, what's that? Brandy says, they're old stories from Ankh about monsters and heroes. I could tell you the one about Pilobolus.
He was this tall fungus with cricket legs. All he ever wanted was to marry his childhood friend, Cobalt, who was like a tortoise.
But Cobalt's father wouldn't give Pilobolus his blessing. He didn't want for his son to love another beast, so there was no wedding. Sugarcube asks, but why? Brandy says, well, It's because bestial objects were often poor. Pilobolus was no exception, they both had nothing. They fled Ankh together into Boiling Flats, the wild district.
They followed the morning sun to a spawning stone in the desert. Cobalt said, If we have a child, my father will let us marry! He touched the stone's obelisk, and a symbol started to glow.

Cobalt says, If the stone finds us worthy, my father will realize that we are good for each other. So, pilobolus agreed to touch the obelisk. But,

Its symbols would not glow for him, only for Cobalt. As fate would have it, the forces of nature decided that Pilobolus could not bear a child with anyone. For the first time in his life, he hung his head in shame, because he felt all out of options.
His aspirations were so simple, that being denied them drove him mad. His grief corrupted him and transformed him into a giant monster. He ravaged Boiling Flats, but Cobalt loved him all the same.
Still wanting him, this persisting love changed his body as well. He willed into existence the ability to create children from only himself.
Cobalt cried, Pilobolus, you've done it! But still, we cannot have our ceremony! You are too big to walk among the pews, and your appearance, will scare my father to death!

Sugarcube says, dad! This story's sad! Brandy says, well hold on, it's not over! He says, and then I think, uh. Minty interjects by saying, I know this one. Pilobolus and Cobalt get wed in the wild. Brandy says oh, yep! That's right.

Brandy says, his dad shows up because he was searching for them. Sugarcube says yay! Brandy says, he apologizes to Pilobolus and they build a giant house. And they live happily ever after. A panel shows Pilobolus eating Cobalt's father. Sugarcube says yay again. Text describes the sound of rain.
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