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Ep 47. Safety Tunnels


Razor says I'm never letting you sit on me again. Gum says sure, whatever. Razor asks, what did you say this place was for again? Gum says the life assurance program.
Gum says, for the delicate. They're allowed 85 years to respawn down here for free. Sign on the wall says Exit A 1 mile. Gum says, the safety tunnels let them travel home safely when they're ready. This place is huge.
Gum says, but it's worth the walk. Razor growls and says you aren't the one walking. Gum says, dragonscale said the terminals down here work. In this place, it makes a lot of sense. Underground, the terminals would need to be updated manually. Razor asks, dragon scale? Gum says, so the computer virus couldn't have reached them easily.
Razor says you're speaking a lot of gibberish. Gum says Razor, don't worry about it. You're gonna get your friend back today. Or, was it girlfriend? Razor says, she is a girl, yeah. Razor asks, are you asking if she's, my mate? Well, no, but. She's my only friend.
Gum says that's not true. Aren't I your friend? Razor says, that's tough, gum. Who, who are you really? And where are you going? Red revision notes count 7 girls.
Gum says, hey, what's that? Razor and gum stare at an eyeball.
Razor says, that's. Gum says, I'm assuming you smell that? A character standing on the opposite side of the long hall says girls. Razor growls loudly.
The lava lamp says, I think, you're lost. Red revision notes label each character, reading spinning light wand toy, lava lamp, fish tank, and glow in the dark sticker sheet.
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