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Ep 48. Ornithophobia


Spool asks, so we feed him? Citrus replies, with whatever's in this hotel. Spool asks, isn't this just torture? Citrus says no. There's a very clear point to, I, I don't torture people! Spool says, you had a torture dungeon.
Citrus snaps, no, that was my bedroom where I dismantle objects after they die. Spool thinks to himself, bedroom? He envisions Citrus hanging upside down from the ceiling over his victims, snoring. Text on sign says floor 2. A bird call can be heard from the stair way.
While Citrus stares at the bird nest on the stairwell, Spool asks, what is it?
Text says turn. Citrus can be seen in the reflection of the crow's eye. Spool shouts, hey hey! What's wrong?
Spool shouts, Citrus!
Sounds of Egstrom can be heard from outside. Spool says, you know, we won't know if this place has food if we don't check. Citrus says, we'll check later. The object in his grasp wakes up and starts freaking out. Text says thrash and depicts the object's scream.
Text describes the sound of choking and squeezing. Spool asks, is he like you? He transformed! Text says poke. Citrus says no, it's just another stupid faux object.
Citrus says, these people with big red eyes almost always have some special secret trick. But, it didn't save this one, and it won't save the next.
Spool says, you knocked him out before his body was done growing, its still. He stops talking when Citrus flicks a feather off of his arm and makes a sound of disgust. Spool asks, Citrus, do you, do you hate birds? Text says pull.
Spool says every time we kill someone with feathers you. Citrus cuts him off, asking can we just focus on making this meal last? Spool asks, have you ever had a heart to heart in your life? Text repeats the word blink.
Citrus says, don't look at, you don't care about me! Birds make me, paranoid. Citrus says, oh, hah, congratulations. You've learned as much today as my therapists would in a lifetime.
Spool asks, well how many therapists have you eaten? Citrus says stop asking questions you don't want the answers to. Citrus says, I guess you might know a little more than most. Spool asks, is it because, you've never had a partner? Citrus yells, you mean an accessory to murder?
Citrus yells, do you have Stockholm syndrome or something? Spool says no, you're still terrible to me. But, it's just, they way we met. I still think about it sometimes. Did you even?

Citrus says, I was one hundred percent going to kill you. But. I do only target, attractive, men. Citrus shouts, It's because I have to feed close to their faces! Spool says okay, wow. Spool asks, then are you a vampire bat or a fruit bat? Citrus says ugh.
Spool asks, and if you're a fruit bat, is it because you're gay, or is it because you eat gays? Or is it because you're an orange? Spool asks, just to be clear, you think I'm attractive? Citrus thinks to himself, I need to kill this guy. The two are interrupted by the object waking up and thrashing around again. Text says thrash while everyone screams.
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