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Ep 51. Out of Sight


Sounds of downpour. Painkiller has a flashback. Painkiller's mom says, well, you gotta start thinking about it.
Painkiller says, I don't wanna do anything. Their mom says, you just don't know what you want to be yet. Your dad was like that when he was your age. No dreams, no job. No drivers license. He thought work was gonna, make him so unhappy. Painkiller asks, wouldn't it?
Their mom says no kid! Text says bump. She says, when I decided I wanted to be a florist, he helped me. When he realized that work didn't only have to be about money, he stopped being a huge baby about it. That was when I finally decided to marry him too.
Painkiller asks, mom? Do you think I'll marry my high school sweetheart too? Their mom says uh, I dunno kid, You're almost 18 and you've never dated. Painkiller asks, college? Their mom asks, are you going to college? Painkiller says, I, yes, I'll go to freaking college! Their mom asks, wow, promise? You gonna change the world, PK? Painkiller shouts, change what?
Their mom asks, what, you wouldn't change anything? You think the world's perfect the way it is? Painkiller says, well, I wish dad was still in it. Their mom says I do too. Painkiller says, things would be, perfect enough. Their mom says, he died when you were still a baby. He was having heart problems, but the meds weren't working.
She says, if only we were like animals, maybe they could have opened him up, and saved him. That's one thing about the world, that isn't perfect.
Loud rain continues. Painkiller's mom continues, saying the people we love, are so delicate painkiller. Text says scratch scratch. The sounds of rain carry over to a flashback of a funeral.
Painkiller says, my mother was an entrepreneur. She was ambitious, and she loved life. Because she passed from an internal injury, like my father, I've been driven to make what is, so far, the hardest decision of my life.
Instead of carrying on her legacy, I'm going to sell the flower shop. And with that money, I'm going to pursue, A degree, no, a life, in medicine.
I want to find a way, to help people like them, I'm going to research, organspace.
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