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Ep 50. Floor is Larvae


Cone says, see girl? Isn't this so much better? Peanut butter says, keep your head up, dragonscale. You said you're from the aisles, right? Don't you feel at home? Cone says, you're gonna kill her with these dumb jokes. Dragonscale says, I'm glad she's making jokes. Aren't you feeling better, PB?

Peanut butter says, A little bit. Not sure if I'll ever feel like I used to, though. Forget me, though. Burning aisles, what was it like living in a wild district? Dragonscale says, really it was hoarder's pyre. Peanut butter shouts, you're joking!
Cone asks, what, the volcano? Dragonscale says yeah, you can imagine why I left.
Dragonscale says, that's where I grew up and met my wife. She convinced me to leave, because she'd been sneaking in to see the culture, and noticed that my mom and dad were hurting me. Peanut butter asks, your mom and your dad?
Dragonscale says, well, that's just what we called her. they were the same person, just, genderfluid. As a lawless king, she just, was not a good parent. She was possessive, explosive, controlling. I was more like her servant than her daughter. I never realized how strange it was until, until. Sorry, I'm oversharing.
Cone says, no such thing with me. I spent every day cleaning around high schoolers. Peanut butter says, you know, my students would tell me all kinds of personal stuff. You remind me of them, in a way. Well, of someone in need of a support system. Cone says, speaking of, where are those boys?
Dagger says, so he walks in and like, it's not even his class, and he looks at us and yells fuck! Sign on wall says staff only. Stylus says, I kinda don't care. Dagger says, woah, sorry? I thought that vacuum was your favorite. Stylus says, I hated him. Don't say it like that. Dagger asks, why? does it sound gay? Stylus says yes. Dagger says oooo, dagger's gonna think I'm gay.
Dagger says, I'm so straight with my fruity little, neck, thing! Text says twiddle. Especially when I kiss my boyfriend on the mouth! Stylus says, we're not, text says grip. Stylus mumbles I just. Dagger asks, what were we here to do, again?
Text says pull. Dagger says, you're strong! Is it from pushing around all those gay kids? Text says shove. Stylus swears and Dagger says awoof.
Dragonscale shouts, cone! You said banana flavor? Text says reach.
Text describes the sound of heavy distant rain. Dragonscale says, I just grabbed banana. Is that okay? The rain gets louder. Dragon asks, cone? Cone says, huh? Oh, yeah. I just, um. Text says rumble as Cone shouts ah!
Text describes the loud sound of egstrom as it floods the grocery store. Someone shouts, dagger, stylus! Loud rain sounds continue as Stylus asks, what?
Egstrom continues loudly, dragonscale shouts go climb on something! Cone says, you heard them! That stuff is infested, I smell it!
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