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Ep 2. The Wolf


Razor is pulled through rapid waters as long strands of hair get stuck in her head and shell. A canoe can be seen sinking in the background.
Razor begins to wake up later on the shore of the lake. Text by her toes says wiggle.
Razor begins to pull herself upright while she gags. The  wet hair stuck to the back of her head hits the ground with a splat and text describes that she shivers. When she sits up she vomits water into the gravel, text says hurl.
Standing up, razor asks, fuzzball? While taking a few steps Razor notices something dragging behind her and turns to see the remains of her friend stuck to her backside. She realizes that Fuzzball is also stuck in her head.
Razor screams. Text says yank and razor sobs screaming loudly as she tries to pull her friends remains out of her head. Text says slip. Razor shouts fuzz while blowing a chunk out of a pine tree with her claws. Text says chunk. Text says scrape long and drawn out as razor digs her claws into another tree and sinks to the ground.
Razor clings to the tree thinking, I cant go home. Fuzzball! She opens her eyes and remembers something. She thinks, what did she say about a. In a flashback, Fuzzball finishes her sentence by shouting the words respawn terminal.
In the flashback, Fuzzball sits on a log talking to Razor. She continues, it's like the spawning stones in the wild except it can bring the dead back to life too while she points to the sky. Razor says, that's a joke, right fuzz? Fuzzball lowers her arm and text says lower.  Fuzzball says, no, but uh, only super rich people use it. so it might as well be. Razor, back in the present, gets angry remembering this and starts growling.
A chicken biscuit sandwich guy is watering his garden when suddenly Razor looms over him. Next says loom and repeats the word huff as she pants.  Text says bristle as Razor's fur stands. She asks him scarily, which way is the city?
Text says climb as she begins to climb over towards him. She says, point me to it or I'll kill you! Chicken biscuit falls over backwards from fear and yells. He stutters, asking, center ring?
He says, It's north! The railway! Follow it north! Text describes the sound of Razor leaping onto him and them skidding across the dirt. He shouts, please! you can eat me! just leave my family alone! Razor suddenly remembers a time when fuzzball said something similar, asking Razor, are you sick of sammies yet? She waves around a sandwich she made for Razor and continues, you can eat me, just leave my family out of it!  Razor snarls loudly at chicken biscuit and runs off in the direction of Center Ring.
Razor follows the railway north while thinking to herself, fuzzball! I'm gonna bring you back! I'm gonna respawn you!
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