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Ep 1. Emergency Alert


Bar in the city at night. Text reads chatter chatter clack. Spool laughs. Citrus says, yeah, so, y'know. It's getting late. Spool looks at him expectantly.  Citrus says, if you want we can go back to my place.
Spool tries to say i thought you'd never ask but gets interrupted by the television hanging over the bar. The television displays an emergency alert graphic and starts to beep loudly over them. Spool says ugh! I hate these. The TV makes loud static sounds and cuts to a news reporter running down the street. The news reporter says,  forget the news story, run!
People are screaming things like ah, stop, hey, and help me. The reporter drops his microphone and the cameraman lets the camera point at his feet while he runs and breathes heavily. The text repeats the words tap and huff. Spool asks, is that a fire? A different news reporter takes over and says, and sorry about that! We're switching to helicopter view.
Text repeats the word murmur.  Through static cutting them off the reporter says, there are ongoing reports, of violent assault, suspect rioting, mutant objects. Citrus sneers, was monster objects not rude enough for them? Text says rattle. Spool shouts oh, yes, right?! Citrus says, if they look scary it's just because they blew in from outer ring. Spool stutters while saying yeah.
Citrus puts his hand on spools hand and asks, so spool, do you wanna get out of here? Spool says huh? oh, sure! The two walk to Citrus's car. Text repeats the word thud as something approaches fast. A strange creature on fire zooms past them from behind, shrieking.
Citrus drops his keys and shouts woah. Spool asks him, did you see what that was? Spool hears commotion from the bar and turns around to look. Text shows chatter cluttered together to portray panic from the patrons inside while tables and chairs are shoved against the door. Text says shove. Through the noise spool can make out the phrases riots, end of the world, and sick.
Spool turns back to Citrus and asks, um, citrus, was it? Citrus grabs his wrist and pulls him into an alleyway. Text says yank.  Text makes tapping sounds and displays an interrobang from Spool as they enter the alleyway together. Citrus shoves him against the wall and says, sorry, be quiet, listen. Text says smack.
Small text says smack as Citrus slaps his hand over spools mouth. They both slide down with their backs against the wall waiting for something to happen. Text says shuff. A drooling toothy maw pokes out from behind the corner.
Text says stumble. Other text repeats the word mutter coming from inside the bar. The mutated object hears the bar patrons and attacks by breaking through the glass window.  Text says shatter and makes the sound of screaming.
Citrus grabs spools hand and runs deeper into the dark alleyways. Text says grab and repeats the word step. More text reads scream, ah, and help. Citrus grunts as he hops a fence and skids to a halt. Text reads snap and crack as a second mutant object climbs a fence towards them. The mutant object makes a haunting call.
Citrus thinks no, i cant die like this while he transforms into a monster object. Citrus grabs spool by the top of his head and flies away with him. Text reads fwup, clutch, interrobang, and ah! help!
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