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Ep 3. Playing Hooky


Mushroom and Dynamite sit next to each other in math class dozing off. One math poster on the wall reads things you will use math for and lists points that say groceries, y'know, and yeah. The other poster spells out the word math with the words mistakes allow thinking to happen. The teacher asks, can anyone tell me what a parabola is? The fire alarm goes off waking up Mushroom and Dynamite. The teacher says ugh, everyone outside! I didn't know there was a fire drill today. Mushroom and Dynamite look at each other and smile smugly.
Text in the hallway reads clack, shatter, haha, and squeak. Mushroom and Dynamite sneak out of the building together giggling and run up a hill towards a park.
Text says creak creak while Dynamite plays on a rusty swing. Text repeats the words spin and drag as Mushroom sits and spins around on a playground spinner/merry go round. Dynamite asks her, do you have a crush on chalk? Mushroom says no. He asks, do you have a crush on lamb's ear? she says no again and cuts him off with a third no before he can ask again about someone else. Dynamite and Mushroom lay in the grass together. Dynamite in the middle of talking about something says, and the burp uh the uh sushi place. mushroom says yeah. Later, Dynamite is asking mushroom, who's joe? Mushroom snickers to herself. Another panel shows Dynamite hopping towards her like a weird cat and suddenly standing stiffly on four legs.
Dynamite falls off of the swing into the mulch on his face and makes the sound doof. Mushroom asks, Dynamite, do you hear anything? Dynamite says no? Mushroom says exactly. I don't even hear the birds. The two stare at each other for a moment before Dynamite asks, do you wanna kick the vending machine? Mushroom says yes.
Text describes the rattle and thud of Dynamite punching the vending machine in quick succession while shouting ora ora ora ora. Mushroom rubs her arm and says something weird is going on while looking back towards the school. Dynamite says, sky looks clear to me. No smoke too. Mushroom says hm. Let's go back and dynamite says ugh fine.
While running down the hill like naruto dynamite sees a cool rock and stops to take it with him.
In front of the door to the school Mushroom asks Dynamite, Do you feel like something is off? Dynamite says no? Mushroom says your fur is standing. Text repeats the word bristle as dynamite looks down at his fur. he says oh, huh.  I mean it's fall so it's pretty cold. Mushroom says it's 80 degrees.
Dynamite says well maybe I'm getting sick while mushroom kicks a wooden door stopper out of the way to sneak back into the building. The text reads kick and clack. She says you were sick last week. Dynamite says I did lick that door handle while following her inside.
Inside of the school mushroom says the coast is clear. Dynamite starts ranting to her asking so what is calculus supposed to help us do? I mean, I'm only failing because I think it's pointless. And when I ask for help they always just yell at me! Mushroom sees something disappear behind a corner from the corner of her eye. It makes a shuff noise.
Dynamite continues, and honestly I think I won't go to senior ball,  but I'll probably still go to glowstick's grad party. Mushroom acknowledges him with a hum. Dynamite continues, y'know, because he begged me and  said we can make fun of the yearbook photos together. And he has snacks. Dynamite gets cut off by Mushroom grabbing his shoulder and saying his name to get his attention as she notices  more strange movements. The movements make the sounds tik tik and chuff as something shuffles away. Dynamite looks back at her and asks,  uh, yeah? Mushroom says I think someone's following us. Dynamite says that's probably just him! He's getting really good at that. Mushroom is starting to get suspicious and looks annoyed.
Dynamite continues walking and asks, but seriously, you're not going to the ball right? They both suddenly stop and look ahead in fear.
There are mutant objects crowding the end of the hallway staring at Dynamite and Mushroom while they stare back. Mushroom's shadow covers Dynamite.
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