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Episode Release 12/29/23 - Outer Ring King


- Episode 40: "Ursa Major" is out now.



‣ Added teaser art for ep. 40 to gallery

‣ Added release art for ep. 40 to gallery

- Updated CAST page     

‣ Updated Razor's assigned animal

- You've got a few more days until our 2023 art contest closes!

Episode 41: "Humidity" is now available to read on and Patreon.


Firstly, we've updated our Patreon policy. We now have actual rules, in writing, for you to read and reference going forward. Even if you aren't a patron, we suggest looking over this as a community in order to help you spot things in the wild (e.g. leaks) that we are not okay with and how we prefer you handle them.

If you notice that any of our patrons are in violation of these rules, please let us know via


We'd like to take a minute to describe how next year is probably going to look for Objectified, just to avoid confusion with production.

Every year, the artist/creator of Objectified takes two weeks off around Christmas. In order to be able to do this, we work four weeks ahead of public release. We call this work our "buffer", and when the buffer is used for a vacay or an emergency it needs to be rebuilt. To rebuild the buffer, the artist works on an additional episode alongside the normal upcoming episode-- he does this work on his off days, so this work is spread out over a couple of months.

Before we can start work on Reach of Ice in 2024, we need to rebuild this buffer... twice. Twice, because we're going to a pride parade in Toronto together. Just to be completely transparent.

Reach of Ice, in turn, will begin production later in the year, but will still come out in 2024. Due to all of this bonus-comic work, we will likely not be hosting many major events. We will however be hosting prize raffles and site events that will directly affect our lovely cast of characters (you know, that "something terrible" that is supposedly "coming").

As for the QnA video, we start recording in 2024 and will try to get that out as soon as possible (Maybe in January or February?). We'll try to keep you all updated if any complications arise.


Aside from all of that, we'd like to thank you all for your continued support as well as helping us hit 2k subs on Webtoons! We were going to release another intermission to celebrate, but we hit the milestone waaaaay faster than we anticipated.

This year, Objectified has seen an insane amount of growth that has completely blown us away. For example, our first art contest was in 2022, where we were worried we wouldn't even get three entries to choose as winners by the time the month was over-- this year, we received three entries within the first six hours.

We're super grateful for our active, budding community and we can't wait to see how things continue to grow and change! Remember to look out for each other and treat people in the community the way you want to be treated. We hope you had a nice holiday, and we wish you a happy New Year!

Center Ring is feeling strangely humid this winter.

Foreign structures tower throughout the city.

Before the cold reaches our city dwellers...

Something terrible is coming.


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