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Ep 53. Remembrance


Text describes sound of egstrom downpour.
Text says ding
Maple Syrup says, Well, she's too busy to come to the movies now. Brandy says that's fine. We can just invite someone else. Text says trip.
text says flick flick. Maple syrup shouts, I said his object cracked! Well he's holding fucking liquid! Just send a paramedic! Someone says, mint leaf.
Daisy continues, I talked to the couple and the landlord. The guy's gonna be fine, but they might press charges. Minty says, boss. Daisy says, here's what you're gonna do. In the hospital, minty says very quickly, listen I'm really sorry about the mail bag thing. Brandy asks, how did you, get in?
Minty says I walked. Brandy asks, is that a, Valentine's day card? Minty shouts, it's the same as a get well soon card! They were on clearance! Please don't sue me!
Brandy says, I, heh. Hahah. I wasn't gonna, it was, an accident. Minty says, but your eye. Brandy says, I'm made of glass. It's a miracle I had it for this long.

Textbox says, one week later. The text get well soon is written hastily over the card, which originally said, you're a blast, valentine! Maple Syrup says, you can't be serious. On the phone, Brandy says, hello? You wrote your number on the back of the card? Maple Syrup says, Brandy. Over the phone, Minty says, I just. I was hoping we could talk it out before you sue. Brandy asks, do you wanna talk about it over dinner and a movie?
Text box says one year later. Brandy says okay, it's going in. Minty says, well don't tell me! Just do it! Maple Syrup says woah, you guys are shooting up in my bathroom?
Brandy says, It's just testostero, Minty interrupts saying testosterophemide. Minty says it's for, diabetes.
Maple Syrup says oh, hah. You're trans. Me too. Text says sip.
Minty continues dreaming while focus shifts to sugarcube.
Citrus stands there. Menacingly.
His shadow casts over Sugarcube, who is standing across from him.
Focus shifts to Brandy. Maple Syrup says, Brandy. You should see this. It's bad. Brandy asks, what? What is it? She hands him Minty's phone.
Minty's texts are shown. They say, husband and friend. A stranger says, they won't find out about us. Minty texts, sound risky. The stranger says, come over again. Maple Syrup says, I'm going to tell him I took his phone on accident.
She asks, what are you gonna do? Brandy says, I need some time to think. Maple Syrup says, I told you he was dead weight. Think about it fast. Brandy asks, what do you care? Maple Syrup says, listen. I know we don't see each other much. I only ever come to get my things from the apartment. But.
I still care about you, Brandy. Just. Don't waste forever, trying to decide what to do with minty.
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